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The Worlds First Art & Craft Therapy Kit Box

A luxurious and modern monthly craft subscription box containing everything you need to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Combining Art, Craft and the power of CBT Embrace the learning curve and try something new. Intimately curated, lovingly packaged and posted directly to your door.

Therapist Approved.

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Macrame Cotton Cord Knot Fibre Art Craft Box
Luna Moon Macramé Mirror Hanging
Macrame Cotton Cord Knot Fibre Art Craft Box
Mindful Crafting
Macrame Cotton Cord Knot Fibre Art Craft Box
Modern DIY Home Decor
Macrame Cotton Cord Knot Fibre Art Craft Box
Expert Led Video Tutorials

How it works

Choose your Plan • Delivered safely to your door • Make & Create


Choose a Plan

We have a plan to suit all needs. Choose from our most popular monthly box, bi-monthly, 3 month up-front packages or purchase a one off box with no subscription.


Delivered to your Door

We will dispatch our beautiful boxes out to you on the 15th of every month.  We offer FREE UK Delivery on all of our boxes!


Make & Reflect

You deserve this!  For the beginner to the experienced crafter, follow our easy step by step Digital Workshops.   Complete your Therapist Approved complimentary Journal.  We want to ensure you succeed!

Join Our Community

We have a wonderful safe space on our Facebook Inner Canvas Creative Community, where you can ask questions and showcase your amazing crafts. See you there!


– Julia Cameron

Macrame Cotton Cord Knot Fibre Art Craft Box



Luna Moon Macramé Mirror Hanging and Mini Wall Hanging Craft Kit

We are very excited to introduce the beautiful and peaceful art of knots – Macramé!  With not one but two beautiful projects for June! We’ll teach you everything you need to know so that you can master the basic knot forms and produce these two beautiful items. Our kits contain everything required* – Soft and Natural 100% cotton Macramé Cord and Bamboo Hoop as well as the Glass Mirror insert and Strong Adhesive.

The Luna Moon Macramé Mirror will be a beautiful addition to any living space or bathroom. The mini wall hanging will compliment your mirror or be a special handmade gift – the long soft tassels give it that element of wow!

Get adventurous and dip dye your pieces to show them off in all their splendour! There is so much you can do with Macramé and it’s a wonderful relaxing craft to master, bringing you into the present moment and taking the stresses of the day away.

*This kit does not include the natural stick

Macrame Cotton Cord Knot Fibre Art Craft Box
Premium Natural Supplies
Macrame Cotton Cord Knot Fibre Art Craft Box
Peaceful & Meditative
Macrame Cotton Cord Knot Fibre Art Craft Box
Practical & Functional
Macrame Cotton Cord Knot Fibre Art Craft Box
Customise with your own designs

The Inner Canvas Craft Subscription Box



Honestly! I am not surprised you have sold out! Still can't get over how much I've enjoyed it. I've not drawn in months and trying to find my creative spark has been hard through 2020. Taking myself out of what I know creatively and learning a new skill has really helped me to find my passion for art again! I am already thinking of how to put what I have learned in your subscription box into a new embroidery project! I really can't thank you enough for giving me that!!

Eilidh McFie




It's such a joy for me every month when my Inner Canvas craft box arrives. I love the fact that you know in advance what you'll receive and what you can make. 
The boxes really stand out from the crowd. Each one contains the best quality supplies, a really cute care package and a mindfulness journal. The video tutorials are so useful. There's also a Facebook group where you can ask advice and see what other crafters have made.

Melissa Cruickshank



Inner Canvas Craft Boxes aren't just another ‘craft box’ it’s a complete package that gives you the opportunity to be creative and reminds us of the importance of self-care through the mindfulness workbook. These boxes are so beautifully put together. The accompanying video tutorials make it so easy and enjoyable! I love the community which you can also be part of and share your creations with fellow Inner Canvas subscribers! You really do feel part of something!

Rebecca Lai



Cannot recommend Inner Canvas by Nadia enough! She is absolutely brilliant, each box is packed with such love, care and attention to detail. Great way to introduce you to new crafts without the "where do I start". She provides brilliant ideas however, you are allowed to do you own thing too. Brilliant for the mind anxiety, stress depression.  Can't wait for what's next.




Inner Canvas Craft boxes are amazing and I can't recommend them enough. Everything is so thoughtfully put together, all the items are high quality and the boxes come with everything you need to complete your project (if it's not it your box it's because it's something you'll definitely have in your house, like a pencil or scissors). The kit also includes a lovely journal with exercises that make us look, analyse and appreciate ourselves and our life journey. That, for me, is a great bonus! When buying the kits, we have access to super detailed video instructions, which are so easy to follow. The kits definitely reminded me how much I love crafting. Highly recommend!

Bia Benjamin



Nadia is so lovely and helpful and her enthusiasm is so infectious that I find myself eager to learn crafts I've never had an interest in before. Through inner canvas I have learned that you don't have to be 'good' at crafts to enjoy them and that has been so freeing had has enabled me to enjoy many new hobbies. I was really struggling during lockdown, and the monthly boxes gave me something to focus on and look forward to, and even though we are now going back to 'normal' I still enjoy the 'me time' that the boxes bring every month!





– Inner Canvas

We help you tap into your inner creative (no previous experience necessary)

We teach and guide you to create beautiful arts and crafts, which boosts confidence and a sense of achievement.

Learning new skills gets one out of their comfort zones (in a safe way) by exploring different mediums and techniques playfully, without a preconceived plan, learning from accidents and being surprised!

Whilst in the process, the themed Journal, created by Therapists, helps you self reflect with interest and curiosity.  

We help you experience ‘the zone’ or the ‘flow state’ allowing and gaining access to deeper levels of creativity, self expression and connection with one’s self and others.

Inner Canvas Course - New Date TBC

What the Inner Canvas Community Loves

"This course has helped me develop my life skills. I am able to understand myself better. It has improved my mental health because I knew I was doing something for 'me' and it has given me a bigger gift; the desire to remain creative."