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Hi Creators and Makers!

I am so excited to bring you my mini album made of tissue rolls and IKEA packaging! Isn’t this a fantastic way of recycling and using all those loo rolls (we also call them bog rolls in the UK!)? Especially in these times when we are stuck at home with a little extra time on our hands

Simple to make, I can show you how!
This is a six pocket version
It looks pretty mighty in this pic, but is a actually an adorable size!

I will be making a collection of these mini albums to gift to all of my family and friends when lock down is over. I can’t wait! We have been social distancing since March 19th 2020! If it doesn’t end anytime soon, they aren’t too big and can easily be posted for a reasonable amount! Considering this is made from materials I already had on hand (and you probably do too!) it is virtually free to make. It takes a little time and a little love and you too and create some really gorgeous mini albums!

There are so many amazing Youtubers who have inspired me (Dawns Inspirations, My Sisters Scrapper and LiveLoveScrap) who all have their own versions of this amazing piece! Thank you to them all for the inspiration!

Give them as gifts or keep for yourself, you can add messages and quotes to inspire, also photo’s and any other sentimental bits you might have! You can even theme these! Wedding or engagement themed, baby theme, vintage theme, the possibilities are endless!

I made my album unicorn fairy and kawaii inspired! I love all of the bubble gum type colours, just so sweet and bright!

Oh why does beautiful paper make me so happy? Love the way the light shines off this one!

To make this mini tissue roll album you will need:


Tissue Rolls x 6 *

Patterned Paper/card for inside your project **

Paper for outside cover ***

Cardboard ****

Paints *****

Glue, Scissors, Ruler and Pencil

Paintbrush and Palette

Velcro Hook and Loop dots (10mm)


Corner Rounder Punch

Eyelet Punch and Eyelets

Glue Gun

Heart Punch

*Preferably from the same brand to ensure they are are same size, I used Cushelle.

** I used the Craft Sensations DesignPad Happy Designs with gold foil.

*** You can use patterned paper if you wish, therefore no painting required!

**** I used an IKEA Box!

***** In colours of your choice!

Special Notes

  • Make sure you save your off cuts, these will be used to embellish your project!
  • Take note of the measurement changes to ensure this project works on YOUR tissue roll size.
Adorable mini album made from tissue rolls
Using a variety of materials found in your own home, you too can produce this sweet album!


  • 1. 12 pieces of patterned card H 9.4cm x W 6.7cm for the tissue roil front and backs.

Measure you tissue roll height and width and minus 1 cm from each. The patterned card should sit on each the face of your tissue roll with a 0.5 cm border. Please adjust your measurements to suit your tissue roll size.

  • 2. 5 pieces of cardboard in the following measurements

W 6.5 cm x H 9 cm – Flap

W4.5 cm x H 9 cm – Top

W 13cm x H 9 cm – Back

W4.5 cm x H 9 cm – Bottom

W 13 cm x H 9 cm – Front

  • 3. 1 sheet of paper W 14 cm x H 50 cm for the mini album cover
  • 4. 1 sheet of paper W 8 cm x H 42 cm for the mini album inside
  • 5. For the mechanism 3 pieces of patterned card in the following measurements

W 5 cm x 7cm

W4 cm x 7cm

W 2.5 cm x 7cm

All scored 1 cm from each width edge (left and right)

  • 6. 12 pieces of patterned card W 5.5 cm x 7 cm for the tags.
  • 7. 6 pieces of patterned card W 7 cm x 9 cm for the inserts
  • 8. 12 small hearts for the top of the inserts (made from off cuts)
  • 9. All of your off cuts for further embellishing!

Here are some photos of my vintage inspired mini album. Fill with seed packets or teabags. Light enough as a postal gift too!

Check out my first full tutorial below with step -by – step instructions! I hope you love it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Thank you so much for coming by! If you if been inspired in any way I’d love to hear from you! Please tag #innercanvasofficial on Instagram or Facebook.

Remember you were Made to Make!

Stay Safe,


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