Indian Inspired Lippan Mud Mirror with Stand



Let’s travel East and discover the beautiful Mural Craft of Indian Lippan Art

Lippan art is a traditional mural craft of Kutch, Gujarat, India. Though the work is limited mainly to the interior walls, it can be found on the outer walls as well. These scintillating murals bring life, gaiety, and beauty to the area of Kutch.

Also known as Mud Mirrors, this beautiful craft gathered attention of the modern world for its intricate pattern and aesthetic perfection and has made a full transition from its unknown modest stature to the mainstream art world, decorating the walls of urban homes.

This months kit contains all you need to experience Lippan Art. A 23cm Wooden Base, Circular and Diamond shaped mirrors (100 pieces), 1/2 kg Air Dry Clay,  Premium White Paint*, Transfer Paper, Template and more! Also create your own Stand in clay to display your work or hang up.
Take inspiration from the video guide or go off piste and develop your own shapes and designs.

The tactile use of clay and basic use of shapes makes this kit very beginner friendly. Build each element up to easily create beautiful intricate designs.

All our kits contain our CBT Therapist Approved Journal to accompany your Craft Kit.
We can’t wait to see what you make!
*This kit only contains White Paint, for the coloured mirrors you may use any of your own acrylic colours.

What’s inside your Box

  • 500g Italian DAS Air Dry Clay
  • 23cm Diameter Birch Wood Disc
  • Premium Crafters Choice White Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • PVA Glue
  • Transfer paper
  • Templates
  • Care Package
  • Therapist Approved Journal
  • Detailed Video Tutorial
  • Welcome Note Insert

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