Circular Woven Pom Pom Clock Making Kit



Keep it Timely!

This fun and totally unique timepiece is going to be perfect for adorning mantelpieces, walls shelves and more! Learn how to weave and make your own circular loom out of a premium bamboo hoop with this bright sage yarn then turn your project into a timepiece!

The mechanism included within our kit is a silent clock mechanism and is battery operated (requires 1 x AA battery) and comes with 3 gold hands.

Decorate the timepiece with a pom pom outer trim as shown or weave right up to the border and leave the bamboo exposed. You can even incorporate any of your own yarns and make and enjoy this in any way you like. You’ll always know what time it is!

The final finished piece is 26cm diameter.

All our kits contain our CBT Therapist Approved Journal to accompany your Craft Kit.

We can’t wait to see what you make!

*Battery not Included

What’s inside your Box

  • Ball of Yarn in Sage
  • 26cm Bamboo Hoop
  • Darning Needle (colours may vary)
  • Silent Clock Mechanism
  • 3 Gold Hands, 1 Bolt, 1 Gold Washer, 1 Black Washer
  • Care Package
  • Therapist Approved Journal
  • Detailed Video Tutorial
  • Welcome Insert

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