Abstract Air Dry Clay Ceramic Kit



Unleash and Release your Inner Creative. No Kiln Required.  Soothing and Therapeutic.  

This box is going to get you rolling your sleeves up and transforming all that pent up creative energy that has slowly been simmering! Clay is a wonderfully tactile and highly sensory medium which has been proven to be soothing, grounding and therapeutic.

There is an immense power in our hands to be able to create, form, smooth, dent, mould and sculpt. Your hands are your best tools!

The beauty of this being Abstract is that it uses shapes, colours, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect. Only one rule applies – there are no rules!

Each of the pieces you create will contain your fingerprints – Your personal mark on all pieces, the perfect sentimental gift!

Smooth with sandpaper, then your pieces can be painted any way you like with our small but rich Acrylic Paints. Then learn the basics of gilding and embellish your pieces with any (or all) three of the decadent gilding leaves provided. There are plenty of options and the choice is always yours!

Arts and Crafts are a gentle portal into knowing yourself better, where mistakes are celebrated (and improvised) where we can play and experiment. Something lost in younger years, but I’m here to reawaken that playfulness and connectedness within you.

Our accompanying Therapist Approved Journal contains simple and gentle journaling and art ideas to get you started.

What’s inside your Box

  • DAS Air Dry Clay 1kg
  • 14 Piece Tool Set
  • 6 Decadent Gilding Leaves (2 Gold, 2 Rose Gold, 2 Silver)
  • PVA Glue
  • 8 Tube Acrylic Paint Set
  • Paint Brush
  • Sandpaper
  • Template
  • Care Package
  • Therapist Approved Journal
  • Detailed Video Tutorials

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